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Block Slam - hints and tips

A little help with some of the harder levels.....


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To get the blocks on the conveyor belt, look for the Spanner bonus. This will stop the conveyor for a while, making it easier to target the blocks. But you will lose the brake on the conveyor as soon as you get another bonus, so be careful!


Airfield is tricky one, if you lose your ball. There are 2 extra balls in the arena, they are resting on block stacks and you'll need to jump to get one. Press the right bumper button on the gamepad to jump, and hit the ball when you are in the air. You'll only get a new ball when both of these balls are lost.

Use the magnet bonus as much as possible, especially if you have 2 or more balls in play at the same time.


This level has oil drums, and yes, you have to smash them! They take 2 hits to smash, and the Magnet really helps. There are a few blocks on the ledges, so get a Sticky bonus first before going for those. And look for the Minigun and the Extra Ball bonuses.


The rotating turntable in the Factory makes the blocks difficult to hit, but the Spanner bonus will stop it going round for a short time. Use the Minigun to get some of the other Bonuses on the ledge, and try standing on the turntable when you have a Magnet, if you can keep your balance!


You'll really want to use the Minigun's in this level. Smash just a single Minigun block, and use the gun to get the elevated blocks. Then try to get another gun before the first one runs out of ammo. And look for the Extra Ball bonus, it's in one of the containers...

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