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Word Search Cubes - available free on Android™.

Word Search Cubes takes word search to the next dimension.
All the words are hidden in a 3 dimensional cube, and each time you find a word the letters vanish and the cube gets smaller. When all the words have been found, the cube is gone!
To find the words, you spin the cube around, then select the letters - if you are right, the word will disappear.
You score points for finding the words quickly, and for finding bonus words. When you find a word, you can see its definition, a great way to build vocabulary skills. You can add your name to the Leaderboards and win Achievements as you progress through the game.
Word Search Cubes is available on Google Play™ and the Amazon App Store.
Word Search Cubes is available on Google Play™    Word Search Cubes is available on the Amazon Appstore
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Down The Pipes, a physics based puzzle game free on Android™.

Your ball has gone down the drain, and you have to get it back!
Turn the pipes to guide the ball down to the outlet at the bottom, avoiding the hazards along the way.
In the full version, there are 2 game modes - Puzzle, where you have to complete each level in a certain number of moves, and Challenge where you have to complete each level in a certain time.
Down The Pipes is probably the simplest and most addictive game you will ever play! It is available now on Google Play™ and the Amazon App Store.
Down The Pipes is available on Google Play™    Down The Pipes is available on the Amazon Appstore
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Block Slam - the world's first block busting game with full freedom of movement in a 3D world.

Smash, punch, kick and shoot your way through the urban arenas, collect bonuses, avoid force fields and always keep your Powerball in play as you destroy the endless stacks of blocks!

Available now on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

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